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Do you offer Student Loans or Pell Grants?

No, we are not a Title IV funded school, therefore we do not receive federal funding.


Do you accept Employer Reimbursement?

Yes, provided there is a letter from your employer emailed or faxed to our business office stating they will be paying for your LSO class.


Do you offer a payment plan for your tuition?     


Yes, we do offer a payment plan for our students.  It requires $800 on the first day of class, then monthly payments of $400 (with a 4% interest charge).


What if I don’t finish making my payments?

We will not distribute your Certificate Of Completion until all installment payments of your promissory note have been successfully received.


Can I get a private loan on my own to pay for my education?

Yes.  Also, your paid tuition is tax-deductible.   


I have more questions, is there anyone I can talk to?

Email our Business Office Manager at:


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