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Welcome to LSO Training LLC.

Get started on a new career as an X-ray Technician today! As the health care industry expands, the need for multi-skilled healthcare professionals continues to grow. LSO Training, LLC is committed to preparing Healthcare Professionals for the State of Colorado Limited Scope Operator ARRT x-ray exam. We offer small classes led by qualified instructors. X-ray technician training will prepare them for a career as a member of a diagnostic imaging team in a wide range of medical settings. LSO Training, LLC is listed as an educational resource for the State of Colorado X-ray Department and is regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education Private Occupational School Board.


2021 Training Course Dates Saturday Classes 2021 Training Course Dates Tues/Thur Classes
August 7th - October 9th (56% full) August 3rd - October 5th (44% full)
October 16th - December 18th (67%) October 12th - December 14th (67% full)
2022 Training Course Dates Saturday Classes 2022 Training Course Dates Tues/Thur Classes
January 1st - March 5th (42% full) January 4th - March 10th (11% full)
March 12th - May 14th March 15th - May 19th
May 21st - July 30th May 24th - July 28th
August 6th - October 15th August 2nd - October 6th
October 22nd - December 24th October 11th - December 15th



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