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"Jaque's teaching and instruction were great! I personally had a hard time grasping it all. Her expertise in the field was very helpful in the learning process. Things started to make sense and click!" - Pam S., Medical Assistant


"The LSO training class had a lot of great information.  It provided me with the basic information I will need to continue learning about positioning and radiography techniques."  - Tammy F., Medical Assistant


"I really enjoyed the course.  Jacque made it fun and to fit our personalities.  I also liked our textbooks."  Stacey R., Medical Assistant


"Presented information in a clear and easily understandable manner.  Never hesitated to go the extra mile to aid my learning.  I felt prepared in all aspects to be a limited scope operator."  - Judy R., RN


"I think this is one of the best classes I've taken, even compared to my college experiences, because of the passion that is behind Jacque's teaching.  Anything confusing, she talks through and makes sure there is an understanding before moving on to another subject."  Jen C., Office Manager

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