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LSO Graduates - Reminder that after completion of your 80 hours of Didactic training that you received from LSO Training, LLC, you then need to complete 80 radiographs during your clinical internship in order to become eligible to take the CO LSO exam.

Link to CDPHE LSO ARRT exam application:

Limited Scope Operator Registration and Renewal (

The R71- form “Didactic training and clinical experience for limited scope operator” can be obtained on the x-ray website

The R71 form can be used to attest to your educational and clinical training.

You will need to obtain signatures by your instructor or trainer to verify you have met the requirements. In lieu of the R71 form, documentation can be submitted for review. Some examples of acceptable documentation include documentation of clinical exams, copies of training certificates and school transcripts.

Here is the link to the Colorado CDPHE X-ray FAQs:

Limited Scope X-Ray Operators frequently asked questions | Department of Public Health & Environment (

*** If you need help obtaining an externship site, we have obtained new clinic sites that welcome our LSO Graduates.  Send email to: ***



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